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                • 2018/3/13 11:31:23

                A further three year extension of the preferential policy for the purchase tax of new energy vehicles

                n the proposal for the work of the government in 2018, the parts of the new energy vehicle are as follows:

                We should speed up the construction of a powerful manufacturing country. To promote the development of integrated circuits, fifth generation mobile communications, aircraft engines, new energy vehicles, new materials and other industries, implement the major short board equipment special projects, develop the industrial Internet platform, and create the "China made 2025" demonstration area.

                Increase the basic role of consumption on economic development. To promote consumption upgrading and develop new forms and models of consumption。 The new energy vehicle vehicle purchase tax preferential policy is extended for three years, and the limited relocation policy of used vehicles is completely abolished.

                Promote the steady growth of foreign investment. We should strengthen the international trade and trade rules and build an international business environment. We will open up the general manufacturing industry in an all-round way and expand the fields of telecommunications, medical care, education, pension and new energy vehicles.

                China's new energy auto industry ranks first in the world for three consecutive years

                Two sessions: a further three year extension of the preferential policy for the purchase tax of new energy vehicles and vehicles

                After the opening session, the first "minister channel" interview was opened.

                In response to a reporter's question, the Minister of industry and information said that on the scale of the industry, China has been the largest country in new energy production and marketing for three years in a row. By the end of last year, the total amount of new energy vehicles in our country had exceeded 1 million 800 thousand, and the production and sales of only last year were close to 800 thousand, and the production and marketing increased by more than 50%. Through the development of recent years, the level of new energy technology has been greatly improved. For example, last year, the energy density of the battery reached two times that of the technical level in 2012, and the price per kilowatt hour was down by more than 70% from 2012.

                The expression of new energy vehicles in the 2008-2017 year government work report

                Two sessions: a further three year extension of the preferential policy for the purchase tax of new energy vehicles and vehicles

                According to recent government work report involving the contents of new energy vehicles, it can be seen that since the publication of the 2008 government work report, besides the clean energy sources mentioned in 2013 and 2017, the "new energy vehicle" has been mentioned in every session.

                2017: to strengthen the control of motor vehicle exhaust. We will basically eliminate the Yellow standard vehicles, accelerate the elimination of old motor vehicles, carry out special regulation on high emission motor vehicles, and encourage the use of clean energy vehicles. To accelerate the promotion of six standard fuel oil in the key areas.

                2016: active used car market, vigorously develop and promote the new energy vehicles based on electric vehicles, speed up the construction of urban parking and charging facilities.

                2015: to make a good fight for energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental governance. Environmental pollution is the suffering of the people's livelihood and the pain of the people's heart, and it should be treated with iron wrist. We should popularize new energy vehicles, control motor vehicle exhaust and improve the quality and quality of oil products. In key areas, the key cities will supply five standard vehicle gasoline and diesel. The yellow label vehicles registered before the end of 2005 should be eliminated. We should actively respond to climate change and expand the pilot of carbon emission trading.

                2014: to promote new energy vehicles, in order to accelerate the development of new energy auto industry, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and promote the prevention and control of air pollution. To haze frequent mega city and regions as the key to fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and particulate matter (PM10) governance as a breakthrough, seize the key link of the industrial structure, energy efficiency, emissions and dust, improve the government, enterprises and the public to participate in the new mechanism, the implementation of the regional joint prevention and control, in-depth implementation the air pollution control action plan.

                2013: a number of strategic emerging industries, such as clean energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, new generation of information technology, biomedicine and high-end equipment manufacturing, have developed rapidly. We will promote energy conservation, emission reduction and ecological environment protection.

                2012: vigorously develop high-end equipment manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection, bio medicine, new energy vehicles, new materials and other industries. We will conserve energy, reduce emissions, and protect the ecological environment.

                2011: energetically promoting the development of energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy, biological, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy vehicles and other industries. We should promote the clean and use of traditional energy, strengthen the construction of smart grid and vigorously develop clean energy. We should strengthen the energy conservation, environmental protection and ecological construction, and actively respond to climate change.

                2010: we should vigorously develop new energy, new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection, biomedicine, information network and high-end manufacturing industry. We will actively promote the integration of new energy vehicles and the "three networks" to make substantial progress and accelerate the development and application of the Internet of things. We will increase investment and policy support for strategic emerging industries.

                2009: a new batch of national engineering centers, key laboratories and enterprise technology centers are newly built in the fields of information, biology and environmental protection. We have successfully developed a number of key technologies and major equipment, such as the branch line aircraft, the new energy vehicle, the high speed railway and so on. We will support and promote the development and industrialization of new energy, biology, medicine, E- generation mobile communications, three network integration, energy conservation and environmental protection.

                2008: a lot of key technologies, such as new energy vehicles, high speed rail transit and water saving of industry and agriculture, are made.