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                • 2018/3/13 11:33:29

                China's plastic processing industry has entered a new stage of development

                After the rapid development of "12th Five-Year", China has become a big country in the production of plastic products in the world, a big consumer and a big exporter.

                Since 2016 to enter the "13th Five-Year", accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the plastics processing industry, plastic processing industry to improve the capability of independent innovation and popularization of new materials, new technology, new equipment and new products, China's plastics industry have become the priority among priorities of the task.

                In 2017, it was an important period for China's plastic processing industry to become stronger. The plastics processing industry takes the promotion of the supply side structural reform as the main line, focusing on improving the quality and efficiency of the industry development, adhering to the innovation drive and promoting the transformation of kinetic energy and achieving fruitful results.
                2018 is the beginning of the full implementation of the nineteen major spirit, China's plastics industry has entered a more dependent on the development of technological progress. The global innovation pattern and industrial change will be further accelerated. The global manufacturing industry has entered an intelligent transition period and forced the development of the plastic processing industry. The plastic processing industry presents a trend of functional, lightweight, ecological and micromolding.

                How to interpret these achievements and prospects? Zhu Wenwei, the director of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, received an exclusive interview with this newspaper.

                Good stability and steady progress

                In 2017, the plastics processing industry focused on advancing the structural reform of supply side, focusing on improving the quality and efficiency of the industry development, adhering to the innovation drive and helping to transform the kinetic energy, and achieved fruitful results.

                Zhu Wenwei said that the National Plastics processing industry to actively adjust the structure to the way to achieve steady progress, stability, structural adjustment, accelerate the continued improvement of foreign trade. These results are specifically reflected in those aspects, which Zhu Wenwei introduced in detail with detailed data -

                Speed benefit is synchronized. In 2017, the National Plastics Industry Statistics enterprises totaled output 75 million 155 thousand and 400 tons, an increase of 3.44%, the growth rate over the same period last year increased by 0.78 percentage points; 15350 above scale enterprises totaled main business income of 2 trillion and 280 billion 836 million yuan, an increase of 6.74%, the growth rate over the same period last year increased by 0.63 percentage points; the main business revenue in light industry the proportion of 9.41%, accounting for the proportion of the 1.96% industry. The total realized profits totaled 135 billion 468 million yuan, up 4.81% over the same period last year, the growth rate was 2.51 percentage points lower than that of the same period last year. The total profit accounts for 8.52% of the light industry and the proportion of the whole industry is 1.8%.

                The structure layout is more reasonable. In 2017, the production of plastic products in ten provinces and cities in the East was 41 million 810 thousand and 500 tons (55.63%), up 2.61% from the same period, and the plastic products industry in the eastern region grew steadily. The output of Shandong province and Fujian province has been greatly improved, and the growth rate of the same year is 10.02% and 7.36% respectively. While the growth rate of Guangdong's output is - 1.22%, the main business income and the total profit have been greatly improved, entering the stage of winning the quality. The output of plastic products in the six central provinces is 18 million 65 thousand and 600 tons (24.04%), the growth rate is 5.05% over the same period. The growth rate of output in Jiangxi, Anhui and Henan provinces is 16.78%, 11.21% and 7.18% respectively. The production of plastic products in the twelve provinces of the West was 13 million 389 thousand and 400 tons (17.81%), and the growth rate was 8.44% over the same period. The growth rate of output in the central and western regions is higher than the national average, and it is in the stage of rapid growth.

                Market space continues to expand. In 2017, China's foreign trade to consolidate the foundation of stability, development potential is gradually released, promote China's plastics industry import and export growth. The plastic products industry in total exports of $62 billion 729 million, an increase of 8.62%, accounting for light industry exports 10.46%; imports $18 billion 576 million, an increase of 7.22%, accounting for 11.42% of the imports of light industry; import and export value of $81 billion 305 million, trade surplus of $44 billion 153 million. Under favorable policies to promote the advantages of enterprises "going out", especially in foreign countries "The Belt and Road" and set up factories, expand into new markets, such as hair Polytron Technologies Inc, Guangdong Liansu Technology Co. Ltd. and other companies have to India factory office.

                Enterprise integration is accelerated. With the deepening of environmental remediation, such as increasing the prices of raw materials and labor costs, not to product innovation, quality improvement and function to occupy the market Small and micro businesses once again face "shuffle" out of the predicament and innovation of large and medium-sized enterprises in difficulties, showing a good momentum of development, the strong stronger. The weak weaker, to accelerate the integration of industry, enterprise transformation.

                Break through difficulties and achieve breakthroughs

                In 2017, faced with the profound changes in the global plastics industry's innovation and development, the plastics processing industry has made great achievements and difficulties. Zhu Wenwei said that the plastics industry in China is facing difficulties, and is going forward to further develop independent innovation and speed up industrial upgrading, so as to cope with the pressure of development and achieve development and breakthroughs in difficulties and challenges.

                "The rise in cost makes enterprises more concerned with technological progress and technological innovation." Zhu Wenwei said, "because the domestic environmental remediation and promote the supply side reform eliminated a large number of low-end production capacity, and by banning foreign garbage entry caused by waste reduction in the supply of 2017, plus transportation prices and other reasons, the price of plastic raw materials, generally rose sharply, and the product price does not rise accordingly, bring the challenge to enterprise production. In the face of the pressure, enterprises pay more attention to technological progress and innovation, and constantly improve the level of development of science and technology itself: on the one hand by the progress of science and technology, technological innovation and other means, and actively develop new products, improve value-added products, improve the level of profitability; on the other hand, strengthen technological innovation, improve the automatic