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                • 2018/3/13 11:36:31


                核心提示: 国内车用改性☆塑料市场增速将达26%  改性〖塑料在阻燃性、强度、抗冲击性、韧性等方面的性能都优于通用塑料,下游应用领域广泛,

                改衑st application fields. At present, the automobile industry has become the fastest growing area for the demand for modified plastics. As the global auto production growth stable, lightweight car makes a bicycle modified plastics was increased, it is estimated that in 2018 the global automotive plastics market is expected to 2012 from 21 billion 616 million dollars to 46 billion 112 million dollars, the annual compound growth rate of 13.46%; consumption is expected in 2012 from 7 million 100 thousand tons to 11 million 300 thousand tons in 2018, the annual growth rate of 8.05%.

                Diagram of the global market for plastic modified plastics (unit: $100 million), 1:2012 -2018

                Chart 2:2012 -2018 worldwide consumption of plastic modified plastics market (unit: ten thousand tons)

                The growth rate of domestic vehicle modified plastics is far higher than the global average. The domestic automobile production growth in the past few years are far higher than the global auto production growth, especially now, Chinese is already the world's largest market for new energy vehicles, new energy vehicles need more lightweight technology support, so the domestic automotive modified plastics demand growth will be higher than the global average, a modified plastics downstream growth fast field. In 2017, a total of 794 thousand new energy vehicles were produced in our country. Combined with the average volume of modified plastic for every passenger car, 171 kilograms were needed. In 2017, 136 thousand tons of modified plastics for new energy vehicles in China were conservatively estimated.

                Figure 3:2018-2023 estimation of the consumption of modified plastics for new energy vehicles in China (unit: ten thousand tons)